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Day 3: LVG (Laundry Veloistes Gentils)

June 19, 2016

It threatened to be a washout

It threatened to be a wash-ing.

But the first ever #LVG *big cough* ‘rest day’ succeeded in being both. And that worked well.

For the first time, we had a day in the same place, meaning a two-night stay in the fantastic Aurrieulat hotel in Argeles Gazost.

The options were: no climbs, one climb (the Col de Spandelles, basically a sh&t goat track by the sounds of it, but manly), two climbs (the aforementioned, plus up to the Soulour), or three climbs (including the Hautacam).

It was also billed as a day when, for once, there was an opportunity to launder filthy kit properly. In the sauna.

Everyone but me set out of the Spandau Ballet and Sue Lawley climbs. I rested, bought overpriced souvenirs then (was feeling sick, have been all week, my mitigation) had a crack at the Hautacam. The Haughty Cam (Hauta-Can’t) is not my favourite climb. It’s a bloody nuisance, and bloody steep in places, being 16kms up from the valley floor. Thankfully though, at the top, there was a sign leading to another Col 1.2kms up, so I bagged two in one climb sort of, scoffed a crepe, descended in horrific hail then lost lunch at the bottom. Plus ca change.


The others, meanwhile, did some cycling somewhere, in some rain. Then went to a bar to watch the football. Apart from JL and Typo who (*bigger bloody cough*) manfully followed in my tyre tracks up the Hautacam.

Bell to David Gladwell for excessive strength. Sash to Brian for something. Horn of shame somewhere.

Basically this post is a day late due to tiredness and illness. And laundry.

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