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Day 3: storming from Bolzano to Cortina d’Ampezzo

June 28, 2015

F&ck me I was wet. Stinking, dripping, unable to even take pictures on a phone or call for help wet.

Rivers of nastiness flowing from my shoes wet. Sod this for a game of soldiers wet.

Yet many others were wetter still. Because I was in the bloody car.

What started as the Queen Stage (apart from for me – resting the knackered ankle) turned into the Wicked Queen Stage when a storm brewed over the Passo Falzarego in the late afternoon and dumped a lot of water on us. I was late up the climb (ankle, natch) and fearing a thunderstrike and trenchfoot turned back down a few kilometres for a hot choccie at a hotel. Others, heroes, soldiered on to the end abut 20k away. Others got in the car and the van. It was that kind of day. And that’s why this is a day late.

It started well enough, with a sharp unnamed climb from the valley near Bolzano then the meandering of the Costalunga (which didn’t cost-a-lung-a for anyone, though it was hot).

A beautiful part of the beautiful Dolomites, having left the Alps behind. At least some car time gave me a chance to take some pics on the Costalunga.

LVG15_Day 3_2 LVG15_Day 3_3 LVG15_Day 3_4 LVG15_Day 3_5 LVG15_Day 3_6 LVG15_Day 3_7 LVG15_Day 3_8 LVG15_Day 3_11 LVG15_Day 3_12 LVG15_Day 3_13 LVG15_Day 3_14


It’s a beautiful climb, with jagged peaks all around and the bluest lake I’ve ever ever seen (though the iPhone 6 might turn it green, sorry).

LVG15_Day 3_16  LVG15_Day 3_15

Lunch in the requisite sh&tty supermarket car park then on to the Passo Pordoi, another legendary Giro climb. A tough ascent after lunch but just reward with stunning views and a real sense of history with the Coppi monument at the summit (Fausto, who fittted your crank arms though mate? Shoddy).

LVG15_Day 3_17

No more pics from this point on. Too wet. Too miserable. And that was in the car.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is a lovely place to stay and clearly well-heeled. The Hotel Europa was fitting venue for a slap-up feed and you’d never believe where the staff asked us to store the bikes.



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