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Double trouble: the 2015 preview

June 24, 2015

We’re off. Again.

To big hills. Again.

With adventures ahead. Again.

But this year’s LVG has a big new twist. Newbies. It’s the first joint expedition of Les Veloistes Gentils and Blackheath Velo.

So it’ll be a bit like one of those stags dos where groups who don’t really know each other meet, suss each other out and then quickly get down to the finer points of having fun. Without the binge drinking, and with an enormous amount of strenuous exercise.

What’s ahead? Banter of course, but a lot of cycling too. Having looked at the map we seem to have spurned the Roman tradition of shortest straightest line between two points, which would have made Iseo to Venice a flat trot across the valley floor, and instead decided to ride up the biggest hills feasible in a wide arc from west to east.

The Gavia:



The Stelvio


The Giau


Day 1 (tomorrow): Lake Iseo to Bormio. Steadily trending uphill all day until we go up the Passio Gavia, which is a big beast with a rough, narrow road. No snowballs at the top this time though you jokers.  Staying at a brilliant hotel that love cyclists and has a pool.

Day 2: Bormio to Bolzano. The Stelvio for breakfast, down from the Stelvio and downhill most of the afternoon apart from a bump towards the end.

Day 3: Bolzano to Cortina. Not a rusty old Ford with chrome bumpers but the ski resort favoured by Russians. Should be easy after the first two days. And it would be, were the tricksome Frazione Collepietra (well done Jon on unearthing that one) and the Costalunga, Pordoi and Falzarego passes not in the way.

Day 4: Cortina to Feltre. A stage for the sprinters? No, more big hills. The ‘easy’ side of the Giau, then the Staulanza and the Duran. By the end of that, these Wild Boys will be Hungry Like The Wolf. Ah well, New Moon on Monday.

Day 5: Feltre to Venice. And so to Monday. The small matter of the San Baldo pass and then otherwise pretty flat into our watery berth for a celebration dinner.

Big thanks Howie and Vaidas for making it through the blockade that is Calais at the moment, and the long journey south by road while the rest of us get to fly.

We’ll try to post updates as we go.

Arrivederci miei amici. Tutto frutto.

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