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Day 3: Ste Marie de Vars to Valley Floor Ghost Town

June 12, 2014

Day late with this. The usual excuse, made myself ill. Today I learned that strong coffee and sunshine and cycling up hills don’t agree with me.

It was hot yesterday (Wednesday). Fantastic descent from Vars, then a long main road drag to Briancon, great coffee break then up the steady but long Col du Lauteret. I ground pedals while coffee ground my stomach, the sun beat down and I beat myself up. Cracked a few kilometres from the top, then hopped in the van. No worries, I never pack shame for these trips anyway.

Enough sob stories. Lunch on the Lauteret then up the shorter side of the Galibier. Matt up first, via some short damage (ask him). Big applause to Sam for making it and stomping the last bit.

Then the long descent to St Michel de Maurienne, where no-one seems to live but we still found a place to eat called the Savoy Grill. Slap-up feed.

Typing this on Thursday. Report on today to come tomorrow.



Matt, pre-collapse

Matt, pre-collapse

Galibier, top bit

Galibier, top bit

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