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Day 1: what goes up, must come down

June 9, 2014

What do you get if you ride 140k through Provence on a route that looks like the profile of a stegosaurus?

Bloody tired.

There was a lot of uphill today. And quite a bit of downhill. Which meant even more uphill. And not much flat. And a long day in the saddle,  topped with a 13k climb to the ski resort of Valberg with a thunderstorm thrown in

The only way I survived it was to sing Madonna’s holiday out loud, to remind myself that that’s what this week is.

Not very Rapha Cent Cols eh?

So much uphill I forget what was what. It’s a long way from Antibes to Valberg, and what goes up must come down. And then go up again. Lots.

Highlights and lowlights:

-Gabbi took a bad tumble and soldiered on on the Route Napoleon before getting in the van. And no shame there.

-Lee got sunburned.

-JL carried the new Zebedee bell with distinction

-And we had stunning views, which I can’t upload from here.

Tomorrow, Cols de la Bonnette and Vars. Both uphill apparently.




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