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Day four: I Cyclisti Iconico

June 13, 2013

Superlatives can grate a bit around the LVG dinner table can’t they?

Tough. This was a truly epic day.

The iconic Gavia and Mortirolo climbs. A stunning descent from the Mortirolo that wound and then dropped for ever. A Gavia descent that was the scariest thing I’d ever ridden, though the acrobatic mountain goats and scenery were a distraction. Snow piled 15ft high on top of the Gavia. And Typo and Hans in a summit stand-off over ice down the back of a dry rain jacket that would have put budding T-Rexes to shame.


The Gavia is something like a 25.5km climb. Very gradual ascent for the last few km but ramping to around 15% for the few previous km. The Mortirolo had a similar stretch near the top. Some 125km in all today, most of it hot.





We said goodbye to Weeman and Hans, both heading home as Wardy did yesterday.

We did some cyclocross on the way in tonight and I caught some air from some kickers.

Bell to Textbook, largely for poor chain maintenance: his hallowed prize will be to carry it to the Madonna del Ghisallo tomorrow. Horn of shame to Deptford for wearing galoshes.

Onward to Como tomorrow, via a lake crossing and the sacred church of cycling.

Have honestly tried to upload pix but hotel wifi failing. More when feasible.

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