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I Cyclisti Sotto Voce (2)

June 11, 2013

Alright I’m getting really fed up with WordPress on the iPad now.

As I was saying: fast descent from the Pordoi, then immediately up the Passo Sella. Short climb but a few hard-ish bits. Then straight down with a rough old descent in places and on  to our lunch stop.

By then the sun was shining, the snow and rocky outcrops had been replaced by Germanic Italian architecture and leather-clad ZZ Top-fan motorcyclists by irate Italian truckers. Thankfully they gave way to a a beautiful descent through forests and valleys, marred only by Typo’s unnatural rear-end charms.

Then a fast (well, for some of us) run into Belzano where, like commuter trains in England, the train divided. One small pack of gentlemen took the valley floor road to Merano, one pack of nutters the scenic highland route: 11% average, a 17% cobbled bit, dirt, heat and abject misery.

Those who rolled into Merano just before 8pm looked borderline broken. I had pitied them as I drank my cold beer. Dinner was a quiet affair. The LVG not silenced, but certainly less gobshitey than usual.

Oh and Hans turned up, for a few days, as he does.

Weeman got the bell and the pink horn of shame. Poor sod, we salute you. I had the horn, so to speak, yesterday for wearing headphones, which allowed me to listen to some choice music rather than the pants of pleasant fellows on climbs. Cap’n Jack had the bell from yesterday, nominated for time spent in the van and other minor misdemeanours.

Tomorrow: 80k trending uphill and then the Passo di Stelvio for a warm-down.

Que bella.

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  1. Grantie permalink
    June 12, 2013 11:49 am

    Awesome work chaps. Good to see Cap’n Jack adopting my customary position. Take care fellas

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