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Day two: I cyclisti sotto voce

June 11, 2013

The LVG silenced. Almost.

Today we headed from the granite crags of Colfosco through the Alto Adige (I think, at least) to Merano, a lovely little spa town that could do more to signpost its hotels.

Shall I tell you more? Of course I shall. Yesterday’s post was hampered by being written on an iPhone with a piss poor signal, so don’t bemoan me. There will be plenty more opportunities to do that this week.

Today started with the Passo Campolongo. Shallow, and not too long-o. It saw Textbook crest first after a titanic effort.

Then a straightforward descent and we began the ascent of the Passo Pordoi. I flagged about half way up so big thanks Luke Skywalker (for ’tis his name) for dragging me up. And I thought you were just feeling a bit slow this morning. Pordoi was stunning: nothing too steep, snow at the top and a great coffee stop. Despite three of our group not being able to tell a ladies’ loo from a men’s, we left without incident.

Superman Ed flew up the Pordoi in his Rapha cape.

Superman Ed flew up the Pordoi in his Rapha cape.


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