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2011 ride mop up

April 2, 2012

Readers of this blog (both of them) might think that our ride last year came to a crashing halt after two days. It didn’t, and I can’t for the life of me remember why I didn’t update the blog for days three, four and five! So I’m going to blame it on sketchy internet access.

With this year’s ride getting scarily close (more on that soon) I thought I’d do a very quick summary on how things ended up last year…

Day 3: Briancon to Pra Loup

Straight up the Col d’Izoard on a beautiful morning. Lovely. Fast run down – got diverted off the main road over a little additional col before lunch – and then up and over the Col du Vars. Didn’t like that very much to be honest. Not the most attractive climb. Nice descent though and up the final climb of the day to Pra Loup for our overnight stop. Stunning dinner as I remember it and Leffe on tap. Happy days.

Day 4: Pra Loup to Valberg

Straight up thought the gorge to the Col de la Cayolle which is an absolutely beautiful climb. Down the other side and then up to the Valberg ski resort…which isn’t a very beautiful climb. Very hot at the bottom and an approaching thunderstorm to hurry us along.

Day 5: Valberg to Antibes

There were two options to get from Valberg to the Antibes and the Mediterranean. One included a climb, the other didn’t. Being a bit tired we decided just to head straight downhill. Best laid plans and all that. About 5km down the mountain we were stopped by police to say that a landslide had taken the road out further down and we’d have to go back up the hill to where we’d come from and then over the climb into the next valley! Still, things happen for a reason and after popped over the top of the climb (Col de la Couillole) we were treated to the most amazing descent. In fact we were pretty much downhill for 60km into Antibes. Magic.

Phew. Sorry for the delay in posting that.

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