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The spirit of Coppi

June 29, 2010

This is a completely true story. There were witnesses.

After we’d climbed the Col d’Izoard last week, I told the lads that I was going to look out for the Fausto Coppi memorial that I’d heard was a little way down the descent on the south side. I was wearing my La Gazzetta Della Bici jersey and knowing what a huge Coppi fan Simon is, I thought I’d have a picture wearing the jersey by the memorial taken to send him.

The Coppi memorial – which is also one to Louison Bobet – is situated on a corner about a kilometre below the col. You might think it’s a bit odd that it’s not on the col itself, but it’s the most perfect spot with an unbelievable view.

While I was having my photo taken, a few of the other lads stopped to see what it was all about. One of them, Toby, asked me what it was.

“It’s a memorial to Fausto Coppi,” I replied.

“Not much of a memorial, is it?” he said, “it’s just a lump of rock.”

I was outraged, and so was the spirit of Coppi as (and I kid you not) a split second later we heard a loud hissing noise as Toby’s front tyre deflated. You can see him changing his tube in the picture below. Spooky stuff.

Don’t diss the memory of Coppi.

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  1. June 30, 2010 11:57 am

    The Heron lives on! Ive seen Pinny on a bike and the similarities with Coppi in ride position and shape are stricking. What a great place – certainly my favourite climb of my cycling experience. Very beautiful, nicely dangerous, iconic and stunning.

  2. Mark permalink*
    June 30, 2010 12:29 pm

    I am humbled by any comparison to Coppi. It’s not true of course, but even the thought of it excites me.

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