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An additional col in 2010

November 19, 2009

I realised earlier this week, while perusing the maps for next year’s ride, that when we reach the top of the Col du Lautaret on Day 2, with a relatively small diversion we can head up the famous Col du Galibier. It’s an extra 9km up there…and quite a climb…but once there, we turn round and it’s almost 30km downhill all the way to the overnight stop, which looks like fun.

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  1. Bezza permalink
    November 23, 2009 6:43 pm

    I’m going to say yes. But then again I’m currently on my sofa drinking beer. When I’m at tht top of Lautaret I might change my mind.

  2. April 28, 2010 3:43 pm

    Doing the Galibier after topping the Lauteret is bar far the best way. Though the 9km to the top are as tough as Alpe D’Huez and not to be taken lightly… I speak from experience. The descent to Briancon is majestic and non-technical which is good for tired body and mind!



  3. Mark permalink*
    April 28, 2010 3:47 pm

    Indeed. I’ve looked at the profile of the Lautaret to Galibier section more than once, and the last km or so averaging 12% is going to test mind, body and spirit. I suspect knowing that once we’re there it’s downhill all the way to a beer is going to be the only thing that keeps me moving forwards.

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